… gildiach rajdowych. Jak偶e prawdziwe s艂owa 馃榾


Lyrics by: Alexis Sterry
Music: „Under the Sea” by Alan Menken


The raiding is always better
In somebody else’s guild
You dream about changing servers
But don’t wanna pay the bill
Well look at the guild around you
Before you jump the ship
Compare what you’re signing onto
Likely it has the same shit

Raiding guild blues
Raiding guild blues

Killing contested or just making messes
It’s all the same news

No matter how you play
Raiding casually or all day
It’s all the same problems
Everyone’s got em
Raiding guild blues

Your guild seems so full of drama
At times it’s remarkable
You really hate that llama
Cause it’s messing with the pull

Who cares that your healer’s husband
Wants her to turn off the game?
So what, her kids burned the kitchen
Why does he need to be lame?

Raiding guild blues
Raiding guild blues

Not watching their debuffs
Forgetting to rebuff
Starting to snooze

All your plat on repairs you have spent
Guildie’s kids screaming over their Vent
Can’t get them to shut up
It’s fucking your parse up
Raiding guild blues

Raiding guild blues

The guardian’s tanking
But in tells he’s spanking
Cybering dude

Someone’s guild leader likes to scream
And plays with lag all over their screen

They’re trying to joust out
And getting cursed out
Raiding guild blues

The scouts they aint flankin’
The tanks they aint tankin’
The casters are sleepin’
By healers they’re beaten
The parse is all wrong
The fight goes to long
Watch out we wiped again!

Raid leader is screamin’
And your ears are bleedin’
The guild needs the strat
Cause this fight is crap
Who knows what is wrong
You’ve known all along
This game will drive you insane!

Raiding guild blues
Raiding guild blues

Raid is a mess
It’s causing you stress
There’s never success

How can you play
They suck so bad?

You curse ’em out
Log off and then laugh

But your guild they might kick you
For being a dick with your
Raiding guild blues

So be a team player
Not a naysayer
Raiding guild blues

Do you hear what I’m saying
Raiding is raiding
Stop checking your e-peen
And focus on your screen
The raid you are missin
So just quit your bitchin
Raiding guild blues

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ja chyba oprzytomnia艂em po rajdzie na prismatiki – pocz膮tek zbi贸rki o 20:00, koniec rajdu o 8 rano :/


Ja wiem jedno – nalezy byc trzezwym, miec duzo samokontroli, cierpilwosci i poczucia humoru… a wtedy to nie ma godziny o ktorej bym nie mial ochoty na gre… no i by bylo z kim pogadac, bo bez rozmow grac nei lubie :)… g艂os polprzytomnej Kini czy Rafalka wprowadza mnie w jeszcze lepszy humor 馃檪