…TYLKO na amerykańskich serwerach przez tydzień. Na europejskie zawita dopiero 23go czerwca :/

Idę ustrzelić tłumaczy w SOE, bo to podobno wina, konkretnie francuskiego!!

Znając życie dadzą nam coś w zamian jako rekompensata… Może jakieś loot karty, albo booster packi, albo double xp przez tydzień 🙂

„Howdy folks,

Unfortunately we have some issues with the build intended to be pushed out tonight for our European and Japanese servers. This means we will be holding back the update until Tuesday the 23rd for those servers. I do apologize for the delay. It was our hope that all of our players could enjoy the content on the same day. I regret that we cannot do so for you, our loyal fans in Europe and Japan.

So the 23rd it is my friends, for you to also enjoy Kurn’s Tower and other new content and features. We will look to add some additional fun for you folks as well.”