„Due to the database issues that are occuring on several servers and interrupting performance, we will be delaying the push to the EU servers, this evening.

We want to make sure that the problems are sorted out before we update the EU servers, should it be a problem with the code so that we don’t push a problem to these servers.

I will update this post with the new times as soon as I have the information.

I deeply apologize for the delay and the inconvenience.

In the meantime, please leave your comments in this thread:

Server Issues

Thank you for your patience while we fix the problems and again, my apologies for the inconvenience.”

Jeszcze słowo od Rothgara:

„A couple of the highly populated servers are seeing some performance problems now that we are reaching primetime and many new players are logging in.

This is probably due to the large number of things that happen to your character the first time you log in after GU53.  Until the performance comes back down to normal levels, we will be locking some of the servers to keep the problem from getting any worse.

Currently the issues seem to be happening on AB, Nagafen and Crushbone.

The locking will only be done to spread the load over time and not something we expect to do for very long.”

No szlag może trafić. Okazuje się, że po wczorajszym update na amerykańskich serwerach ze wszystkich zon prócz Guild Halli. Serwery wstawały, by po chwili znów się zamykać. Zobaczymy KIEDY nam dadzą GU i co w zamian dostaniemy za KOLEJNE opóźnienie!

Jestem tak zła, że pójdę chyba się wyładować na oknach, tzn.: umyję je!

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